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How to download latest Tamil movies ?

The movies are now available with sites which are giving torrents instead of storing the movie in their server.Torrents use one of the most popular file sharing protocol namely Bit torrent. The movie available with any individual who has a bit torrent software will share it and he will create a torrent file which will be *.tor (where * is the name of the movie or anything you want).
He will share this file in common place say and lets call him seeder. And others download this file from the common place and open it with their Bit Torrent softwares like Azureus, Bit Torrent,Bit Lord,U Torrent etc and lets call these people leechers. Once a leecher starts downloading the movie the leecher also starts sharing the movie simultaneously, so other leechers start downloading from him. And every one will download and upload so the download speed increases.
If everyone shares or seeds the file after completing his download many people can download. Here the share ratio is important, it is the ratio of Data uploaded to Data downloaded. Once your sharing ratio comes below a certain level you may be blocked to download future movies. So please seed after downloading.

Latest movies available for download include Veyil, Dhanushin Thiruvilaiyadal,Chennai kadhal,Idhu kadhal seyyum paruvame etc.Old hit movies like Ghajini,Chandramukhi,Vattaaram,sillunu oru kadhal etc are also available

Best Tamil movies

English movies


2 Mbps connections only for existing customers..atleast till March 2007

Even though communications and IT minister Dayanidhi Maran has announced 2007 as the year of the broadband, with state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd likely to provide connections with a minimum download speed of 2 mbps from January 1, consumers seeking a fresh connection may be in for a shock.

According to BSNL executives, the company will only be able to upgrade its existing subscribers from a minimum download speed of 256 kbps to 2 mbps and will not be able to offer fresh connections until March 2007.

BSNL’s existing capacity of 1 million ports is full and though it has placed orders for another 5 million ports, they will not be in place before March.

Executives said, had the minister made the new offer applicable from the new financial year, the company would have been in a position to offer bulk fresh connections right when the scheme began. At present, a 256 kbps broadband connection of BSNL comes at a monthly charge of Rs 250, which will remain unchanged for 2 mbps.

They said upgrading broadband connections at the same tariff losses would see losses being set off with higher volumes. However, it would take three months to achieve higher volumes.

BSNL, India’s largest Internet service provider, has a market share of 44% with about 9 lakh broadband subscribers.

Effective January 1, BSNL's current broadband plans will also undergo changes. The download limit in Home 250 and Business 700 plans are being enhanced to 1 GB and 4 GB from 400 MB and 2 GB, respectively. It is also bringing down the per-MB download rates from Rs 1.40 an MB to Rs 0.90 an MB in the Home 250 plan.

India has 3 million broadband subscribers.

Kancheepuram may get Chennai's second International Airport

If DMK Government in Tamil Nadu gets things going in its way, the city of Kancheepuram may get its first International Airport. The Airport modernization and expansion plan as proposed by Tamil Nadu Government has shifted focus to Kancheepuram after running into difficulties in acquiring land in Meenambakkam( where the present domestic and International airports are located).

Situated at 70 KM from Heart of the city, the temple town will be a obvious choice for the Airport. Many companies located in National Highway 4 (Chennai – Bangalore) could be highly benefited by this decision. The list includes Nokia, Dell, Hyundai, Saint Gobain and a still growing list. With NH4 Being converted to a three lane road as a part of Golden quadrilateral the journey from city might not take much time. This will also help the city’s companies and population expand gradually towards Kancheepuram and Vellore.

Report from Chennai

Bharti applies for DTH licence

The Bharti group has applied to the government for a licence to operate direct-to-home television (DTH) services. The group's application follows similar ones by Anil Ambani, Tata-Sky,
Subhash Chandra and Sun TV.
Confirming the development, Mittal said, "Yes we applied for DTH at the time we decided to go for IPTV." While Tata Sky and the Zee group have already started services, Anil Ambani is expected to hit the market some time in the middle of next year.

Report from Chennai

Google overtakes Yahoo to become No 2 in most visited site...

2006 has been a big year for Google, according to comScore. This year’s round of acquisitions and service offerings have made Google the number two most-visited site on the Internet, knocking Yahoo down to number three, while closing in on Microsoft.

Google bought the popular video sharing site YouTube earlier this year, driving stock prices over $500, according to the BBC. The comScore report, released late last week, says that Google saw 475.7 million visitors in the month of November, pulling barely ahead of Yahoo, which garnered 475.3 million visitors. Both sites lag behind Microsoft, which commanded an audience of 501.7 million. This is the first time Google has overtaken Yahoo, according to Bloomberg.

Since Google bought YouTube, the number of visitors to that site has increased nearly 24 times to 107.9 million. YouTube ranks 10th on the comScore charts, and its visits were not included in Google’s tally.

Google’s audience grew by 9.1% while Yahoo’s only grew by 5.2%, and Microsoft’s by 3.3%. Meanwhile online auction site eBay brought up the rear in fourth place

Wikipedia Founder Plans Search Engine

The search engine, code-named Wikiasari, would combine open source technology and human intervention to deliver more relevant results than the algorithm-based systems used today.

Jimmy Wales, founder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is planning to build an online commercial search engine that would compete with Google and Yahoo.

The search engine, code-named Wikiasari, would combine open source technology and human intervention to deliver more relevant results than the algorithm-based systems used today, Wales said Tuesday. "Human intelligence is still the best thing we have, so let's let humans do what they do best, and computers do what they do best." Wikiasari combines the Hawaiian word for quick, "wiki," with the Japanese word "asari," which means "rummaging search."

Relevance remains a challenge in online search, since machines can only take a roundabout approach in determining the ranking of results delivered to people's queries. For example, Google's automated system considers the number of links to a Web site in determining whether it's closer to the top or bottom of results.

Wales plans to combine the user-based technology behind nonprofit Wikipedia with open source Web-search software called Nutch, which is part of the Apache Lucene project. The latter has developed a full-featured text search engine written in Java.

Wales doesn't know how his search engine would combine human intelligence and technology. "We really haven't determined how all of this is going to work," he said.

However, Wales believes the time is right, given the availability of what he considers solid open-source technology. "The time is right, because we actually have some tools available to start building something interesting," he said.

Wikipedia depends on user contributions in building an online encyclopedia. Registered users can add any item or edit items already posted. The site works on the idea that the collective knowledge of the masses is better than a system run by editors and expert contributors. Wikipedia, however, has had its problems with erroneous postings, which are corrected as soon as site operators are notified.

Wales hopes to launch his search engine within two years. Development would be funded by his for-profit company Wikia Inc. Its investors include Bessemer Venture Partners and

Wales hopes to make money with his search engine through online advertising. Text ads related to search queries and delivered with results have become a multibillion-dollar market, with Google the clear leader.

However, whether Wales can capture even a thin slice of the market against tech leaders like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, or even smaller search engines like, remains to be seen.

First major flaw in Windows Vista !!

Getting all excited to deploy Vista in your agency? You might want to think again. The New York Times reports that researchers and hackers are finding serious problems with "the last Windows."

Among the flaws: one described by Russian programmers that allows hackers to increase a user’s privileges on all of the company’s recent operating systems, including Vista. Another major flaw was found by the firm Determina in the new Internet Explorer 7, which could be a gateway for infecting user machines with malware if they visit certain sites. 7 browser.

“I don’t think people should become complacent,” said Nand Mulchandani, a vice president at Determina. “When vendors say a program has been completely rewritten, it doesn’t mean that it’s more secure from the get-go. My expectation is we will see a whole rash of Vista bugs show up in six months or a year.”

The Determina executives said that by itself, the browser flaw that was reported to Microsoft could permit damage like the theft of password information and the attack of other computers.

Theoretically, IE7 is a sandbox that prevents attacks on Windows systems outside of the browser, even if the browser itself is compromised.

However, when coupled with the ability of the first flaw that permits the change in account privileges, it might then be possible to circumvent the sandbox controls, said Alexander Sotirov, a Determina security researcher. In that case it would make it possible to alter files and potentially permanently infect a target computer. This kind of attack has yet to be proved, he acknowledged.

Determina also discovered a bug that would make it possible for an attacker to repeatedly disable a Microsoft Exchange mail server simply by sending the program an infected e-mail message, the Times said.

Article 2

Windows Vista, the new computer operating system that Microsoft Corp. is touting as its most secure ever, contains a programming flaw that might let hackers gain full control of vulnerable computers.

Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) and independent security researchers, however, tried to play down the risk from the flaw, which was posted on a Russian site recently and is apparently the first affecting the new Vista system released to larger businesses in late November.

The software company said it was investigating the threat but found so far that a hacker must already have access to the vulnerable computer in order to execute an attack.

That could occur if someone is actually sitting in front of the PC or otherwise gets the computer's owner to install rogue software, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer for Finnish security research company F-Secure Corp.

"The bottom line is you couldn't use a vulnerability like this to write a worm or hack a Vista system remotely," Hypponen said Tuesday. "It only has historical significance in that it's the first reported vulnerability that also affects Vista. It's a nonevent in other ways."

Attackers with low-level access privileges on a vulnerable machine could theoretically use the flaw to bump up their status, ultimately gaining systemwide control, Hypponen said.

The flaw affects older Windows systems, too, and Hypponen said vulnerabilities like these are quite common and can be fixed with a software patch, which Microsoft releases on the second Tuesday of each month except for the most serious threats. The flaw remains a proof of concept, with no one known to have actually launched an attack with it, Hypponen said.

In a posting on Microsoft's security-response Web journal, a senior security manager, Mike Reavey, said he remained confident "Windows Vista is our most secure platform to date."

Vista, the first major Windows upgrade since Windows XP launched in 2001, was made available Nov. 30 to businesses that buy Windows licenses in bulk. Consumers generally won't be able to get Vista until Jan. 30.

In trying to improve security, Microsoft redesigned its flagship operating system to reduce users' exposure to destructive programs from the Internet. But most security researchers believe a complex product like Vista can never be error-free, so it was a matter of time for someone discovered a security vulnerability.

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Protect your PC - Free of cost !!- A guide to free antivirus , antispyware and firewall

In this cyberworld, viruses and spywares are no strangers to any PC users. But Most computer users never care to have an anitivirus or antispyware and even if someone wants to have one they would never like to spend 40$ – 50$ for such a pack.I have listed some essential and free virus/spyware tools. Just because these tools are free doesnt mean these are not effective, AVG although free is recommended and used by most PC users in the world.

Some users may tend to go for pirated versions of Norton/Mcafee but most of these cracked/hacked versions of these antivirus softwares themselves have spywares built in with them.So it is always safe to download these tools from their respective websites.

Antivirus Tools:

1.AVG ( )

AVG Free edition is one of the widely used free antivirus tool, it provides almost all features of paid versions. AVG free edition has real time protection,automatic updates, full system scan and scanning selected areas of your computer. It also has email scanninga and scanning inside compressed files.The only difference from professional edition of AVG is the cuctomer care support, otherwise there is no difference in the service.This is fully functional software unlike most trial softwares, and the software is valid as long as you wish to have it.

Other notable Antivirus softwares include :

2.Free Avast! 4 Home Edition (

3.If interested checkout some of other antivirus partners for Windows who offer free trials from 90 days to 1 year.

Antispyware Tools :

1. Windows Defender : It is the most(more than 25 million users) used free antispyware tool from Microsoft, It offers full real time protection, anti spyware scans and also automatic updates every day.

2. Ad-Aware SE Professional : This is one of the widely used anti-spyware tools minus real time protection, this is serious disadvantage otherwise Ad-Aware works just fine.

3. Ewido anti spyware : Same as Ad-Aware , but gives a 30 day trial of its auto-protect option.

Firewalls :

Zone Alarm is the widely used free firewall. It provides all basic features of any paid verion of firewalls.



For any info mail me K J Dinesh

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BSNL GPRS NOKIA 3230 and all smartphone settings

Hi guys once again im back this time with settings for Nokia 3230 and all smartphones with BSNL GPRS.. Thanks to all the friends who encouraged me for my MPX200 settings.

This time I really had bad experience with one Nokia Care centre in Chennai..they suggested me using Hutch in TamilNadu(how knowledgeable????).

They said on the problem.. the BSNL doesn't support new handsets and have to configure for Nokia in server??????(I cud only laugh..afterall we r sw engnrs rt?)

This time I had to get into quarrel with Nokia officials for their negligience in updating their international website with BSNL-SOUTH settings(yup u can get all BSNL settings from Nokia Website).The settings given their thru smart msgs are not updated ones and hence wont work with ur phone(any smartphone).I have spoken with both BSNL and Nokia officials(they have assured me)..and I hope all the settings I give here will be updated soon in BSNL and Nokia sites…

Nokia 3230(my mobile):

This is a smartphone.So whats the difference ?? it is similar to ur Windows / Linux computers.It runs on Symbian 7.0So how will the settings given for other models work with these….they r jus mobile phone settings how will ur smart!!! Phones work with them??

Now :

Settings given by BSNL website :(wont work)


APN : bsnlwap

Primary DNS :

Port : 9401

Security : Normal

Username : ppp

Password : ppp123

Leave other spaces blank

My settings(will work)


APN : bsnlsouth

Security : Normal

Username : ppp

Password : ppp123

Leave all fields blank including DNS and port

For all smartphones and PDAs

Replace bsnlwap with bsnlsouth everywhere.

Leave the DNS and port as automatic

MPX 200 users


APN : bsnlsouth(for TN and southzone)

IP : (optional)

Port : 9201(for motorola) (its not compulsary in all mobiles)

username : ppp

pwd :user123

extra initilization for all models(to be given in modem hardware settings)



APN : portalnmms / www

IP :

port : 9201

username : (blank)

pwd :(blank)

extra initilization

+cgdcont=1,"IP","www" / +cgdcont=1,"IP","portalnmms" (suitable)

If u r using modem sw for ur mobile u dont have to initilize.

Hi if u need u can always contact me.........

Recent update :(2007)

Airtel Mobile Office (Rs 375/month)

Accesspoint : Mobile Office



User : NA


Thursday, November 23, 2006

IPhone : Another masterpiece from Apple??

Phone. What is it? Is it for real? Is a new masterpiece really on the way to the market from the Apple assembly line of masterpieces?

Well nobody really has any answers. Apple as usual is tight-lipped about the whole affair. Its share is touching new highs and the market is ripe with rumors that indeed Apple's iPhone is about the hit the markets.

According to "With reports circulating that an iPhone from Apple Computer is likely to debut in the first half of 2007, the introduction of an iPhone could have an adverse impact on sales of music handsets by other vendors should Apple's first order for an iPhone total 12 million units as reported earlier." Research also estimated that global shipments of music handsets expected to top 134 million units in 2007, shipments of an iPhone handset could take up a 5-10% share of the global music handset market next year.

The Apple Masterpieces

Why does any product debut from the house of Apple make so much news? Why is each product from the house of Apple a masterpiece?

I guess the best answer is an article I wrote two years about the Cult of Mac.

"No other computer inspires devotion like a Mac. The largest and most fervent subculture in computing, Mac fans come in all shapes and sizes, but never waver in their dedication. Like fans of a football team or rock band, Macintosh fans have their own subculture, with clearly defined obsessions and rites of passage."

Leander Kahney author of The Cult of Mac

Like, Leander Kahney, journalist and author of the book "The Cult of Mac", I too have been an Apple fan for years. My enthusiasm compares nothing to Kahney who wrote this beautiful book "The Cult of Mac". Kahney's career speaks volumes about him. Wired News, senior writer at the legendary Mac magazine Mac week, Scientific American, Business 2.0, and the Guardian. Kahney owns six computers, all of them Macs. From what I can make out he seems to a 'Mac Addict'.

Addiction, understandable. Devotion, perceivable. Veneration, perhaps apprehensible. But all the THREE put together for a machine called the Mac is perhaps isn't graspable by a non-Mac being.

From Mac to IPod the same cult following. Infact IPod perhaps has a bigger following than even the Mac. Will IPhone meet the expectations the "cult" is anticipating?

The Other Force

There is also a school of thought that believes that the launch of IPhone will not be as simple as Apple thinks it to be. It is noteworthy that the mobile phone market has some of the biggest giants in the corporate world. The market has immensely matured feature wise over the last few years. According to "as a newcomer to the handset market, Apple would face many challenges, including integration of its platform, issues with patented technologies, verification from service providers and production cost issues."

The Last Word

I believe the IPhone is for real. It's been on the blogs and the web for long enough and I guess we will soon see it in the stores. Will iPhone have a cult following?

Well let me answer it this way. Apple and Steve Jobs I trust. When it's a Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni painting you very well know it's a masterpiece. After Mac and IPod, anything that Apple makes I know for sure will be a masterpiece. Looking forward to seeing the iPhone. All the best Apple? Or did I make a mistake there? Should it be all the best the Nokias, the Sony Ericissons and the Motorola's of the world? iPhone is coming!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Zune vs iPOD - Round 1

Have you squirted a song yet? That's the question Microsoft hopes your friends will ask you as you ponder which digital music player to acquire. Although you are more likely to buy an iPod this season—something even Microsoft admits—the software giant from Redmond is running a huge marketing campaign that it hopes will plant some seeds of doubt. After all, iPods don't squirt songs. And Microsoft's new player, Zune, does.

What's a song-squirt? It's the first, and currently the only, application of the wireless connectivity built into every Zune. (In other respects, the Zune is a decent, if not compelling, alternative to the hard-disk-drive iPod.) Squirting is a tune-sharing feature that works like this: With its built-in Wi-Fi, your Zune can alert you to the presence of every other Zune within 30 feet; you can then choose to send a song (or even a podcast or a photo) to any of the neighboring devices. The potential recipient gets a message asking if he or she wants to accept the tune. If so, you start squirting, and in 10 or 15 seconds the other Zune has the song, and its owner can play it.
The catch is that the squirt is fast-drying—in three days it goes away. Or, if the recipient plays it three times within that period, it evaporates after the third spin. This is because Microsoft cut a lousy deal with the record labels, which still regard innovative digital schemes as potential piracy threats, as opposed to potential sales boosters. My guess is that people will be turned off that the songs expire so quickly.
Robbie Bach, in charge of the Zune group at Microsoft, calls squirting "a really good first step," clearly indicating that the company, which sees Zune as a long-term project, will introduce other wireless functions. One obvious use is buying songs straight off the Internet, but I'm not sure that's so valuable—computers do pretty well at that already. Zune product manager Scott Erickson describes other possible uses—like allowing a concert performer to send a song to every Zune in the audience—that sound more intriguing.
But perhaps the best immediate use of Wi-Fi in any portable music player might not be in sending music itself, which requires permission from the overcautious record labels. Instead, Microsoft could take a page from a feature built into Apple's iTunes that lets computer users on a network, or within close range via Wi-Fi, look at each other's music library. There is an insatiable need to know "What's on your iPod?" This goes for friends, celebrities and total strangers. It turns out that we really do make judgments about other people—and even have attractions triggered—based on what they listen to. Actual scientific proof of this comes from recent studies by Cambridge University psychologist Jason Rentfrow and his colleagues on "the role of musical preferences in interpersonal perception."
Spontaneously browsing a nearby music collection could result in any number of fascinating outcomes. How cool would it be to sit in a subway or take a break in a gym and check out the contents of the nearby music players, then try to visually identify the Miles Davis fan, the Ramones rocker and the Barry Manilow sentimentalist? It would be the ultimate social icebreaker—or, for those with woeful tastes, a deal breaker. (Of course, one would assume that users would have an option to specify whether they wanted their musical identities so exposed.)
My guess is that sooner or later, Apple will get Wi-Fi into iPods. In the meantime, allowing us to wirelessly expose ourselves in a musical sense could be a big win for Microsoft. We'd all be asking, "What's on your Zune?"
Editor's note: Levy's latest book, "The Perfect Thing," is about the iPod.

IE 7 vs Firefox 2

According to reports, Mozilla Firefox 2 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (IE) are both vulnerable to a bug that steals the login-id and password of users, with the help of a fake log-in page.

The bug has been dubbed as "Reverse Cross Site Request vulnerability" (RCSR) by Robert Chapin, who first discovered the flaw.

Reportedly, the attack was first carried out from a profile page using a specially crafted HTML that hides the genuine MySpace content from the page, and displays the fake login page instead. The fake page is then sent to another Web site, along with information regarding MySpace users who visited the page using Firefox.

The attacks seen on My are likely to move on to Firefox as well because the Firefox Password Manager automatically enters any savedpasswords and user-id/s into the form, whereas IE is not capable of filling in the saved information automatically.

Therefore, Firefox is more likely to get affected by the flaw, as compared to IE.

According to Chapin, users of both Firefox and IE need to be aware that their information can be stolen in this way when visiting blog and forum Web sites at trusted addresses as well. Further, an RCSR attack is more likely to succeed than an XSS attack because neither IE nor Firefox are designed to check the destination of form data before the user submits them.

Moreover, the browser doesn't indicate the exploitation as it is conducted on a trusted Web site.

As of now, no fix has been issued by Mozilla, and it's not very clear if the other versions of Firefox are also affected by the flaw. Users have been advised to disable the "Remember passwords for sites" from the preference link in Firefox.

Additionally, these attacks could also be highly effective against firewall of local network servers and HTTPS addresses that are not otherwise accessible because the attacker does not need direct access.

Microsoft : War against phising !!

Microsoft is ramping up its fight against phishing, not just by continuing to improve Internet Explorer's phishing filter, but also by taking phishers to court. Announced today, the company is filing 129 lawsuits in the name of anti-phishing across Europe and the Middle East. According to a BetaNews report, Microsoft can file these suits because the phishers are damaging the company's image.

Because many of the defendants in the suits are young people as in teenagers, Microsoft is willing to accept settlements for the likes of 1,000 to 2,000 euros. Nevertheless, a recent criminal suit that dealt with phishing sent a Turkish man to prison for two and a half years. Other criminal suits were filed in Germany and France while most of the civil suits were filed in Britain.

The first lawsuit against a phisher was filed by the Federal Trade Commission in January of '04 against a 17-year old Californian teen that used a webpage resembling America Online to steal credit card numbers. The teen's punishment was a lifetime ban from sending spam and a US$3,500 fine.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Here comes beauty and the beast: N73 and N93 soon in India

The launch of N73 and N93 has taken mobile world several notches ahead and you can expect the prices of every other model coming down sharply in a few days(ya that’s true this week, you may have your hand one of these beauties).

N73 is touted as a multimedia computer and for nothing. It has latest symbian 9.1 with Nokia S60 v3, with a 3.2 MP Carl Zeiss Tesslar lens(20x digital zoom) and a 2.4” screen. What else could you ask from a mobile? Its sound quality is as good as other music players, 3G video @ 15fps. Visual radio and FM complete the feature list. N73 is a major upgrade in N series with office, PDF viewers, VPN support, Email, Yahoo go, Synch with outlook, Lotus Notes and also Antivirus packages all coming by default. Battery life is really good with 12.3 hours of music playback.

N93 has all features of N93 and more the video shot using N93 is of DVD quality.

N93 has a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens it supports a stunning 3x optical zoom. And having the Nokia twist and shoot design makes it a full camcorder.N93 also boasts of Wireless LAN support. It can connect corporate VPN.

The pricing of N73 is expected to be 23-25k, and N93 35-40k upwards, and both models are expected to be released this week.


K J Dinesh,

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Windows VISTA beta 2 - An exciting beta you can use !!

Micorsoft for a change has opened its Windows vista beta 2 to all users, and they even provide you with trial product key.Ok lets forget it all and come down to business, I installed vista ultimate edition last week and seriously didnt find anything discerning.

The beta is as smooth as any normal version, cool features wonderful new concepts.And it really looks like one for the future. The Collaboration tool and also IE and support for both 32 bit and 64 bit applications, and ability to run IE in both 32bit and 64 bit mode are real cool. The inbuilt phising filter,antispyware and Firewall have beefed up heavily.The security features have improved vastly.And cooler vista doesnt allow any software to run in admin mode without ur virtually denying spywares any control at all.

I got nVidia drivers for vista (yes most hw manufacturers already provide vista beta drivers).Even if vista installs ur driver I recommend you to download from hw manufacturer.Most XP drivers will do for Vista as well. Diagonistic tool in system menu recommends ur hw changes and driver updates and also suggests reasons why your PC is slower.

My recommendation for Vista (minimal)

Any P 4 or AMD XP or AMD 64

atleast 512 MB RAM(if you have a good ie 128MB or above graphics card)



128MB or above graphics card(aero compatible)


Microsoft's WGA(windows genuine advantage program) has raised more than a few eyebrows.When I first came across this news I was literally shocked that this issue hasnt gained needed attention.When Google is suing Microsoft over its MSN search default why no such antitrust suite has been filed against Microsoft bemuses me..

Ok let me explain what the real problem is , Microsofts Genuine advantage program which requires you to install an activex to verify ur Windows installation(to find pirated versions), calls back home (fancy word the online community coined for this issue) ie ur windows contacts Microsoft server everytime you start your machine.Though Microsoft says it collects no personal info, what shocks many is that this practice of microsoft has come out only after a year(since july 2005), until now no antispyware softwares or companies could detect this beahavior and Microsoft hasnt given an option for opting out of this problem.Only after a popular techie's blog exposing this issue Microsoft issued an statement in this regard.Microsoft gives a funny reason that in case if their validation tool fails and starts giving false positives, this approach will help them to shutdown the WGA program..

Now after much controversy Microsoft says that their sw wont call home everytime you rebot , well now only once in 14 days.. my question is if I have validated my software once what is the need for verifying after that??


K J Dinesh, , +919940392919

Sunday, May 21, 2006

See these IITians and Doctors in Lok Paritran !!

Someone was mailing me that youngsters are not considering caste !!The following article is dedicated to those believers!!

RajaMani : (Former Treasurer,Lok parithran)

I was earning lakhs as an engineer in Dubai.When I heard about these people starting the Lok paritran, I resigned my job and joined Lok Paritran. They gave me the treasurer post for Tamil Nadu. I contested in Anna Nagar(Chennai) and got 11665 votes.(Most votes for Lok Parithran in Tamil Nadu) and I was happy that I came third and believed we had a future.

After election on 14th (May 2006) someone called and informed me that I was removed from the treasurer post.When asked why I was informed that it was an order from Raj Prohit(National head of party ). Nextday when I asked why I was removed I was asked a prompt question..”Are you from that caste(guess what??) ?” .I was shocked and promptly submitted my resignation.

Izhandhirumaran : (Former President ,Lok parithran(in TN))

Izhandhirumaran who was working in US as a software engineer for a big salary, resigned and came down to India to work for the party. He was appointed the president and contested from Chepauk against DMK chief.On the first day after the election during a meeting Sandhana Gopal(canditate from Mylapore) stood up and announced that he was the new party president(of TN). Very Next day Aravind seshadri announced that he was the new party president of TN.Frustrated by this politics Izhandhirumaran resigned from the party.

Sri Ishrayil Maheshwar: (candidate in Thousand Lights)

His story is a funny one..The party high command mistook that he was from tht caste and asked him to contest in Thousand lights. When he asked for support, he was given a cool reply.. Well you are made to contest because if you are attacked/killed it might give the party some sympathy.

And a major complaint from these and others who resigned is .how the funds from NRI’s and people was swindled. The party hasnt even opened a bank account to maintain accounts. And worse the party has rules that the individuals have to put in their money to contest elections.Above three candidates used their money..whereas Mylapore candidate(frm tht caste) was sponsored by party cool naa..

K J Dinesh,,+919940392919

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We are politicians now !! -IITians party Lok paritran

From the very first day..when Lok paritran was launched there has been rumours about how this party is biased communally and also many questioned its wishdom of primarily attacking and contesting DMK and supporting AIADMK.At every possible occasion I just couldnt imagine how people fall prey for such kind of parties, everytime the forwards were sent I mostly askd the person who sent the forward to me about the party, to see whats their opinion.Now Im really happy the truth has come out.
Five of its TN state assembly contestants have come out of party hitting hard at the biased leadership over money and posts. When the politicians become intelligent theu can swindle money at a better way, thats what probably the IIT influence can bring on this party.But alas they couldnt share it properly it seems.Petty fight over president candidate and also about who gets the fame etc is ripping this party apart.
Our youth thinks of ayudha ezhuthu and more dynamic ones of Yuva.. and think these people will save them. It reflects on their pathetic condition.Anyway this yuva is an utter flop .. and guess what now a Lok paritran 2 is on its wings�
Watch this column for updates
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Zero day attack...

According to eWeek, there is a critical flaw in Microsoft Word that is being leveraged successfully to compromise fully patched Windows systems. The issue is designated as a zero-day attack because individuals responsible for the security incident are taking advantage of a flaw that was previously unknown.

Victims, it is reported, receive an e-mail that appears legitimate with an enclosed Word document. Once opened, the Word document launches a Trojan-like program that opens a back door into the affected system. Also troubling is the fact that neither the corrupt attachment nor the malware that it executes are currently being detected by anti-virus products. For all intents and purposes, attackers can gain full control of a compromised system using the method described in the article.

As there is currently no patch for the vulnerability being exploited, the recommended course of action for both home and corporate users is to be vigilant and reject any unexpected e-mail messages with Word attachment, even if they appear to come from legitimate sources.

It seems Microsoft is working on this and may release a patch on 13 jun 2006.But Antivirus vendors may introduce new updates much sooner.

Torrents calling..Do you have 'the net' with you !

icrosoft windows vista , MS Office 7 , Windows 64 Bit version, MS Encarta 2006 , AOE 3, Norton Systemworks 2006, Norton Antivirus 2006.. to name a few all these softwares are available for ur download, in the free world. The bittorrent world is going from strength to strength, whichever software or movie you want is all fors you to take just need to search google and pick the right torrent. The bittorrent clients include Azereus, Bit comet and mu torrent and many more. Just search the web for any of these clients and you are ready to go..

Then search and pickup the right torrent and get going.. Since nobody is storing these files in their servers rather it is users who share and download at the same time..Nothing much the big boys could do to stop the torrents.

Friday, May 12, 2006

How to use a bit torrent?

The P2P or Peer to peer network is growing in stature.Having its humble openings 2 years back using few clients it now boasts of almost 90% of piracy through internet. And worse for the software/movie companies this technology is not illegal. And it is very difficult to make any particular person accountable for the piracy.The P2P networks thrive on users who are willing to share..When a user has a movie/sw he creates a torrent file using popular clients such as Azureus(magnet link)/Bit Comet etc. And he may advertise this torrent to the web. If a person in need of the movie/software obtai ns this he opens with the client and the transfer takes place.If somebody downloads and shares the download even after downloading he’s said to be seeding.The more number of willing seeders the particular torrent will become popular.If someone pretty much downloads the software alone he’s called as a Leecher.Near every torrent number of downloads/peers/seeders/leechers will be given.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

PC to Laptop to PC

There are so many nice things about a Laptop, but in this fast changing Gizmo world it is a good way to get stuck with old hardware.No oppurtunity to upgrade, well atleast at a much higher cost comparable to the value of Laptop itself. And the architeture of Laptop itself provides lots of limitations..More battery backup menas less power consumption by Processors that means you are foregoing speed for battery backup.
If you are buying a Laptop today within six months , the Laptop goes outdated and a brand new technology occupies Laptop market.If you feel irresistable and try getting extra hardware and try to improve your configuration......Man you will never go any further. Adding more components will make ur Laptop look more like a mini desktop..The harddisk size never goes beyond a certain limit in Laptops and neither the Clock speeds. And moreover after a year or so your laptop's resale value plunges....
But one thing about Laptop is when you r travelling it is ur best companion.. For me Chennai-Ranipet-Trivandrum-Kolkata-Chennai it served its purpose very well...But now its time to rethink on the use, I dont want to have a 2 yr old hardware juz in name of mobility.
Well I need a faster 64 bit processor..quarter of a Terabyte of Space , heavy RAM.. 6 channel speakers....n on n which Laptop gives all these features??(sub 1 lakh) ..So here Iam back with traditional computing..back to PC and for a change this time its AMD 64 .
Goodbye to my Compaq...Nw it is in bangalore with another one of those who feel a Laptop is much better than a PC.

IBM + SONY + TOSHIBA = ?? Cell

Well a decade ago the processor market was a virtual monopoly of the Intel corporation, But AMD’s persistance has cut intel’s margins sharply. And now its widely accepted that AMD’s dual cores are way ahead of Intel’s.

But away from all these IBM with SONY and Toshiba, is waiting for a debut in the big processor league. If whatever is promised is really achieved we could have a super computer inside an IBM branded processor (‘Cell’). Running with eight cores, the prototype chip is 221 mm2, integrates 234 million transistors, and is fabricated with 90 nm SOI technology. It promises to clock at 4GHZ. Clock speed is not big deal anymore..after AMD’s slower clocking processors consistantly beat their higher clocking Intel counterparts.So we cant compare Intel’s 4GHZ processor with the IBM’s “Cell” which could provide 10 times the processing power of any modern processors.

And not just the processor, but a new memory system XDR which supports datarates upto 8GHZ, and FlexIO processor buses (formerly Redwood) are capable of running up to 6.4 GHz data rates providing a claimed bandwidth that is more than four times faster than best-of-class processor buses available today.

The ‘Cell’ is expected to debut in Sony’s playstation, followed by TV’s and then to mainstream PC market..So lets get ready for bigger things!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Microsoft still the best..??

Well Even I have said about so many things about how Google is developing to be a biggie..But some industry analysts chuck away saying we’ll see how well Google matches with Biggies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

Their theory is not far fetched one rather they juz smoke out the facts.Google is showing attrocious growth and the stock’s value in NASDAQ is shooting up even people expect it to reach 2000$ (???) thats real Faaaaar fetched atleast for now.

One fact about Google’s income was missed by many,most of its current burgeoning account is from Google’s Adsense program or rather from the google ads you find in every nook and corner of the internet.Analysts feel that unlike Microsoft or Yahoo the regular software and web giants,Google has a long way to go.Google has been successful with Search service and all its products are also very popular juz because of the search service.But its revenues are from very much the unsung segements like ads and sponsors.Google has very few to show in terms of profits from its products. And though Google leads in search business by along way Microsoft(33% in email) and Yahoo(31% in email) are still the best No1 and 2 terms of email and chat services(yahoo 1 and MS 2) whereas Gmail accounts for juz 8%.Google is all about innovation but after sometime everyone will like to have a share of your innovation.Just the way it happened to Apple and Sony.If Google doesnt learn to play the game like Microsoft ..the bubble may break much sooner….

'Intel. Leap ahead' and Gone are days of Pentium.

In one of the most stunning overhaul of this decade intel did a big remake to boost up its image.Everyone who is familiar with the int’e’l the lowered e Logo might see something new.The most popular “Intel Inside” has also been dumped.Replaced by a progressive “Leap ahead” and a tagline which goes like “praise in public and criticise in private????”(i got the meaning apt, but some words may differ) But the never b4 heard old one was still funny.I will try to remember it next time.

CEO Paul Ottellini and the marketing Directors new announcement was a big surprise to the topline managers in the hall.Virtually Ottellini has signalled the end to the Barret’s old Intel.Intel started primarily as a semiconductor devices manufacturer, specialized into a computer microprocessor manufacturer.Now Intel takes a big new step divesting itself into Mobile and all consumer electronics chip maker.It is cool to know that we may have a Nokia with intel, with Intel experience in the microprocessor industry we can certainly expect the Mobile devices performance increasing by notches and a whole new level of competition .

With the new move the days of pentium is also over now only it is either DUO(dual core processors) and Solo(single core processors). And now intel is betting on its new innovation of Viiv which will give a real TV life experience and integration in your PC..virtually everyone of us will be having those video processors only the big TV companies own now…

Saturday, January 21, 2006

ntel inside Apple outside !!

The Big transition of the Apple has happened, Now Apple iMac has intel under its hood.Steve Jobs pointed that the new iMacs are twice as fater than their immediate predecessors, but detractors point to the fact that the benchmark tests dont work in reality.
But then I always wondered if the Mac's G5 processors are really good then why didn't the G5's become as popular as the Intel's or AMD's.If the G5 was good steve would have introduced it to the market and tried to compete against the Intel.But now the reason for going Intel is obvious, rather than wasting a feature packed PC like the Mac by using a slower processor, get the best one in the market.And moreover we can never expect the G5 to match up with the improvements introduced by the processor specific companies, and as the days go the gap between mainstream processors with the apple version wud only increase..So probably now is better than never.
Well now the processor side imac has been unbundled, lets wait to see if a similar transition in software side wud occur.........Till then probably I will wait to have a Mac.

Google vs Bush

Well the fight is on between justice department and google,the justice department wants all the major search engines to provide the search data for every week to them.And the news is that except google everyone has accepted the proposal.Microsoft,Yahoo and others havent made any noise about this, meaning there’s no problem.The justice dept wants this data for a federal suit to prove in the court how easily porn content are available to children.

Though it might look reasonable, but in reality Google fears that the sensitive data it collects once shared will make the users afraid, simply its against its privacy policy.And once people come to know someone is watching and data is shared,people who prefer privacy will look for other options.And moreover the Fed suite for which data is needed is not a new one, everyone knows about how easily porn content is available on net,and the search majors may be asked to provide some survey results about the particular subject.Afterall the search majors are the biggest software companies and best in business. Well Bush will agree to this only if thats what their primary intention about the sensitive data. Already therPublishe is a talk about US control over internet and once US tries to take over the net we can expect more 9/11 in the cyberworld…….