Saturday, June 25, 2005

Which course will I choose... Mech, ECE ,CSE or IT????

Well i think i dont have to make the choice again...But im getting this question from neighbours,fiends and juniors alike...and the worst case is the people who try(rather pretend) to answer this question seem to be so terrible in their judgement.(actually they are so much irritating to me)
I will juz put some arguments put by these knowledgeable ppl(they wud have nvr visitd an engn college).

1. Mechanical and civil are evergreen subjects and real engineers subjects.

Yes I suppose Civil and Mechanical are evergreen...(in what sense??).But i doubt how many ppl get jobs presently with pure Mechanical and civil engn skills.Even in Anna University many students from these branches went into software companies .I doubt how many would find such software jobs without IT skills once outside Anna university.I sincerely feel there is nothing evergreen about these branches rather they are dying branches(atleast in terms of job oppurtunities).Even the biggest companies ie Industries are having tough time.Very few companies are making profits that too on huge investments(paltry compared to other businesses), and these companies are cutting down the number of employees .And there is a huge number of unemployed mechanical and civil engineering students already waiting for jobs. Even these engineers presently employed get paltry sum compared to other engineers.So Mechanical or Civil would be the last choice.

2. ECE is the best...thats the trend (atleast in Tamilnadu).

I donno who sets these trends.But whoever says ECE is hot should know what is ECE first.Here also the same story most ECE guys are placed in sw companies.Though the Commn and electronics (semiconductor) companies are doing well ..the job requiremnet in their field is very low.And even big companies are not requiring large number of employees.In Anna university(in anna university)(campus recruitment) companies like TCS,Wipro,CTS and Infy dont mind which degree the students are doing .But when it comes to IBM,Oracle,DShaw or Microsoft ...only a computer related degree holds.So many ECE ppl get placed.I recently could quote one of my CEG ECE friend saying "I feel really bad i donno C, and C++and sw skills n im missing out lots of big companies(he had oppurtunity to take CS/IT)".I feel people follow the toppers blindly without finding the actual facts.

3.The IT Bubble may burst in near future.

Yup it may break or burst.But who will b the worst affected??? Take the anna university scenario ...83% of all anna university students placed go into sw companies.That includes most of ECE,EEE or Mech students along with IT and CS guys.
If the market goes down and sw comapnies start picking very less number ie from todays 500 to juz 25, then who wil be selected will it be a highly trained sw student or a mechanical student????
And even during the last IT downfall ..many with engineering degrees in sw ..managed to cling,but only ppl with diplomos or juz basic training were trimmed down.And I heard there are rules which prevent other branch man power going to countries for sw related positions.Irrespective of IT good is the overall engineering scenario? only 5-15% of engineers get jobs within their own fields(Anna university).If no IT comapnies then ....u guess how terrible life wud be......for these students.

Is it CS/IT ? ...Actually as a degree CS is having good name with comapnies...but IT gives advantage and more xposure to the students in getting big jobs(atleast as far as i know of the friends who got placed in Microsoft thru offcampus).
The sylabus of IT is highly advanced...but CSE or reliable.
So make ur choice but anyway job scenario is much better with these degrees(atleast now)........

K J Dinesh,

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