Monday, December 31, 2007

N95 8GB third generation N95 from Nokia - Day 1

I don wanna explain the specs.. as u all know what they are still a basic intro

- 5 mp camera with xenon flash , carl zeiss lens and auto focus

- 8 GB memory


- Real player

- Voip

- slide both ways

- 2.8" screen

Now again specs really doesn give u wov, even i was very much skeptical about some features in the N95 spec, mainly GPS and the video capability.

Now its time u tell me if its good.. the GPS took a few mins in my case 2 mins outside and 4 mins inside my room to pick up atleast 7 different satellites. Location is pointed to within 30 mts with 4 satellite feeds and much precise with 5 satellites. I was quite impressed by the location pointing exactly over my room, neat for a mobile GPS(or Is it).

On my way back from Tuttle Mall in the bus I tested the navigation with Nokia maps.. was really stunned, the road map was so good even it gave me guess of my enire route(or rather COTA route?) the coverage was very good and it tracked with every second.

Back to my hotel again searched for nearby restaurants.. it gave a list of nearby restaurants with distance as sorting option, tht is wonderful. Even found groceries and it has some options to find almost all public places.Add to it the contact information, website information.. and all. This feauture is even better with Google Maps. I will try with Tom Tom and Garmin ..(I downloaded both these applications also) and update on this.

Nokia gave two more applications free of cost first is Gizmo, Gizmo allows you to make VOIP calls with Skype,GTalk,Yahoo,MSN,AOL and etc apart from normal chatting. Setup was very easy.

But surprise came from Fring with all the above features, fring gave me 20$ worth free minutes and a new VOIP number (a US number)..thts what I call real deal. I was able to make calls using my WLAN in next moment i nstalled and signed up with fring. And Incoming is free with fring.

Application support fro S60 v3 has improved much better now compared to the time when N73 and N93 first came out. I struggled to get some good apps on these devices. Now almost all major Symbian developer is working on v3. Now my next search is media.

I was searching for a good player apart from the Nokia MP4/MP3 and Real player I already have as default apps.And soon found a divx player from the divx corporation. Im saved from all the converting business i need to undergo for loading a movie, and it playes mpeg,avi and divx in full resolution and there is a option to offset voice/video lag. be contd...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whats with US? Things I din like abt this place..

In many ways than one my perspective about US changed after coming here.... Anyway the one affected me are my concern :) (yup im selfish).

Bring your mobile from India if u r coming for the first time.No mobile is NOT FREE nor its cheap here. And the mobiles operators provide here almost all are failures in India(leave the odd iphone). If u dnt have credit history then u r doomed.. it will take 1 yr for somebody new to US to build one. :(

People here get stunned and look at you very oddly if u buy a mobile for 20k Rs(ppl here know only Motorazr seems this is the costliest for em.. atleast for indians) but then they don mind a hair cut for 30$(im plannin to return to India with long hair :) ).

Will come back with more of this... to b contd

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How to download latest Tamil movies ?

The movies are now available with sites which are giving torrents instead of storing the movie in their server.Torrents use one of the most popular file sharing protocol namely Bit torrent. The movie available with any individual who has a bit torrent software will share it and he will create a torrent file which will be *.tor (where * is the name of the movie or anything you want).
He will share this file in common place say and lets call him seeder. And others download this file from the common place and open it with their Bit Torrent softwares like Azureus, Bit Torrent,Bit Lord,U Torrent etc and lets call these people leechers. Once a leecher starts downloading the movie the leecher also starts sharing the movie simultaneously, so other leechers start downloading from him. And every one will download and upload so the download speed increases.
If everyone shares or seeds the file after completing his download many people can download. Here the share ratio is important, it is the ratio of Data uploaded to Data downloaded. Once your sharing ratio comes below a certain level you may be blocked to download future movies. So please seed after downloading.

Latest movies available for download include Veyil, Dhanushin Thiruvilaiyadal,Chennai kadhal,Idhu kadhal seyyum paruvame etc.Old hit movies like Ghajini,Chandramukhi,Vattaaram,sillunu oru kadhal etc are also available

Best Tamil movies

English movies


2 Mbps connections only for existing customers..atleast till March 2007

Even though communications and IT minister Dayanidhi Maran has announced 2007 as the year of the broadband, with state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd likely to provide connections with a minimum download speed of 2 mbps from January 1, consumers seeking a fresh connection may be in for a shock.

According to BSNL executives, the company will only be able to upgrade its existing subscribers from a minimum download speed of 256 kbps to 2 mbps and will not be able to offer fresh connections until March 2007.

BSNL’s existing capacity of 1 million ports is full and though it has placed orders for another 5 million ports, they will not be in place before March.

Executives said, had the minister made the new offer applicable from the new financial year, the company would have been in a position to offer bulk fresh connections right when the scheme began. At present, a 256 kbps broadband connection of BSNL comes at a monthly charge of Rs 250, which will remain unchanged for 2 mbps.

They said upgrading broadband connections at the same tariff losses would see losses being set off with higher volumes. However, it would take three months to achieve higher volumes.

BSNL, India’s largest Internet service provider, has a market share of 44% with about 9 lakh broadband subscribers.

Effective January 1, BSNL's current broadband plans will also undergo changes. The download limit in Home 250 and Business 700 plans are being enhanced to 1 GB and 4 GB from 400 MB and 2 GB, respectively. It is also bringing down the per-MB download rates from Rs 1.40 an MB to Rs 0.90 an MB in the Home 250 plan.

India has 3 million broadband subscribers.

Kancheepuram may get Chennai's second International Airport

If DMK Government in Tamil Nadu gets things going in its way, the city of Kancheepuram may get its first International Airport. The Airport modernization and expansion plan as proposed by Tamil Nadu Government has shifted focus to Kancheepuram after running into difficulties in acquiring land in Meenambakkam( where the present domestic and International airports are located).

Situated at 70 KM from Heart of the city, the temple town will be a obvious choice for the Airport. Many companies located in National Highway 4 (Chennai – Bangalore) could be highly benefited by this decision. The list includes Nokia, Dell, Hyundai, Saint Gobain and a still growing list. With NH4 Being converted to a three lane road as a part of Golden quadrilateral the journey from city might not take much time. This will also help the city’s companies and population expand gradually towards Kancheepuram and Vellore.

Report from Chennai

Bharti applies for DTH licence

The Bharti group has applied to the government for a licence to operate direct-to-home television (DTH) services. The group's application follows similar ones by Anil Ambani, Tata-Sky,
Subhash Chandra and Sun TV.
Confirming the development, Mittal said, "Yes we applied for DTH at the time we decided to go for IPTV." While Tata Sky and the Zee group have already started services, Anil Ambani is expected to hit the market some time in the middle of next year.

Report from Chennai

Google overtakes Yahoo to become No 2 in most visited site...

2006 has been a big year for Google, according to comScore. This year’s round of acquisitions and service offerings have made Google the number two most-visited site on the Internet, knocking Yahoo down to number three, while closing in on Microsoft.

Google bought the popular video sharing site YouTube earlier this year, driving stock prices over $500, according to the BBC. The comScore report, released late last week, says that Google saw 475.7 million visitors in the month of November, pulling barely ahead of Yahoo, which garnered 475.3 million visitors. Both sites lag behind Microsoft, which commanded an audience of 501.7 million. This is the first time Google has overtaken Yahoo, according to Bloomberg.

Since Google bought YouTube, the number of visitors to that site has increased nearly 24 times to 107.9 million. YouTube ranks 10th on the comScore charts, and its visits were not included in Google’s tally.

Google’s audience grew by 9.1% while Yahoo’s only grew by 5.2%, and Microsoft’s by 3.3%. Meanwhile online auction site eBay brought up the rear in fourth place