Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why men are being men ?

The first things I learnt from my father was Darwin's theory ..He was very much concerned that i learn right things in a right way..At a time When most parents would teach how god created men , he used to tell me how men evolved from other animals(that is wen i was juz 3)..And probably that explains why i see things with a little twist and never accept things(sometimes very much irritating to others) without questioning.And I found the following very much amusing..(well i have included some of my own ideas)
Few weeks back i saw this article It goes like this , A team of researchers had conducted an experiment on a group of people who participated in the National spelling bee contests(USA). Spelling Bee contest is for youngsters mostly in their teens(and in another version older men and women are involved) where they are given difficult words and they have to spell them correctly.This is one competition where Indians have been dominating for nearly a decade.
But now to the interesting part ... they have found more guys are winning than girls(most winners are guys even when no. of girls participating in the competition are more r less equivalent of boys) . Every time they chose a random sample of equal number of boys and girls they had similar results ..boys overtook the girls with huge margins. It may come as a surprise considering the fact in most places girls score more than boys in exams. Similar research in other such competitions(maths olympiads,quiz etc) had similar results.

And now my favorite part : The explanation , Darwin way.

They have said though both men and women are equally empowered in their mental ability..the difference comes not from our skills but from Darwin's theory . Humans as a species have evolved into a female dominated(wow i see ppl shouting nooo ..but go on reading) society like most other animals. In our society atleast in theory when left independantly, women get to choose their men rather than other way round.
And moreover perception of better partner also differs .. men prefer physically attractive women and women prefer rich(powerful in terms of skills) men .Right from our early days of evolution had to impress women, women had nothing to do but juz look good. The powerful and rich men got more wives and their genes kept spreading. And their weaker(other men) counterparts eventually were the losers of this biological race. As per Darwin most of our life is all about sustained existance of our genes ,ie genes passing on to the next generation.
As we civilized the difference between weaker and stronger has eventually reduced ,mostly by legislation and by concepts of society.(ie polygamy by rich men is not encouraged anymore). But still a guy who is popular or rich is always the natural choice for most women rather than a ordinary guy.This gives them more opportunities in the gene race. As a result as they have found out most boys spent extra time, extra care and bigger risks in learning more words ..compared to girls. For girls they prefer to watch rather than participate in this ordeal, afterall they are the real judges.This behaviour is prominent as our we grow older ,gals who fare in school quiz lose interest when it comes to college r out in society and so on. And this concept is also extended to men's general behaviour.
Men fight for leadership more often than women, they invent things ,they risk life for fame and popularity, they are made to be aggressive...earlier men would fight to death to regain supremacy, as we have civilized the battlefields have changed and mode of victory nowadays more psychological than physical.

So guys if u want to win so badly, u r heart is fiery and would fight for control...u r in the right path..

And gals if u feel guys are too much aggressive and quarrelsome....well its all bcos of u...

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Microsoft SBS 2003 vs Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ent edn

Yesterday a gentleman queried me on the difference btwn SBS 2003 and MS Server 2003 ent edition..he levied a constraint ie i need to be quick.And i obliged here it is my 50 minute research....

Small Business Server 2003

The SBS is available typically for a smaller organisation upto the size of 75 computers connected in a single network.The main purpose for this edition is lower cost compared to complete Windows 2003 server edns.

The SBS(2003) supports a maximum of 2 hardware CPUs and 4 virtual CPUs compared to the 8 CPUs supported in Win server 2003 ent edn.The SBS comes along with a package of sw beside the windows 2003 server technologies.It is built on windows server 2003 but with additional packages which in case of Windows server 2003 ent(std also)need to be purchased separately.This brings down the costs by a huge amount.

There are two variants of SBS 2003 itself std(cheaper) and premium(std +sql server etc and costs little more)

The standard edition of Windows Small Business Server 2003 includes Windows Server 2003 technologies, including fax service, firewall service, and remote-access service. Additionally, it includes Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, enhanced tools for server monitoring and administration, and an out-of-the-box solution for internal Web sites. The standard edition is ideal for customers who do not require the higher-level functionality included in the premium edition.

The premium edition includes everything in the standard edition, plus Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004, and Microsoft FrontPage 2003. The premium edition is ideal for small businesses with more demanding IT needs, such as data-intensive line-of-business applications, or advanced firewall and Web-caching capabilities.

Disadvantages :

* Only single SBS is possible in ur nw.

* Domain trust keys r not available so its not possible to connect multiple domains of SBS.

* When u r starting a new branch way u can connect the two servers in the branches(as no domain trust).Eachserver must be connected individually to internet.

Windows Server 2003 Enterprise :

(I have included features exclusive for enterprise edition leaving common features of windows server 2003 std edition)

Well as the name suggests this OS is built for enterprise scenario.A huge company having several branches can be seamlessly connected using Win server 2003 ent edn.This OS is built for mission critical operations.Even most failures or catastrophe would leave this reliable system running.It has the ability to withstand failures.

* Biggest memory support : The ent edn supports upto to 32GB of working memory ..More memory and virtually unlimited support for processes

* Ent edition supports cluster service,Server clusters provide high availability and disaster tolerance for mission-critical database management, file sharing, intranet data sharing, messaging, and general business applications. With Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition cluster service supports up to eight-node clusters for increased flexibility in adding and removing hardware in a widely distributed geographical envrnmnt.

* Windows Server 2003 Ent Edn, supports servers with up to 8 processors.

* The Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) in ent edn enables an administrator to allocate CPU and memory utilization on a per-application basis.

* XML webservices and .Net(supported in both std and ent edns

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Which course will I choose... Mech, ECE ,CSE or IT????

Well i think i dont have to make the choice again...But im getting this question from neighbours,fiends and juniors alike...and the worst case is the people who try(rather pretend) to answer this question seem to be so terrible in their judgement.(actually they are so much irritating to me)
I will juz put some arguments put by these knowledgeable ppl(they wud have nvr visitd an engn college).

1. Mechanical and civil are evergreen subjects and real engineers subjects.

Yes I suppose Civil and Mechanical are evergreen...(in what sense??).But i doubt how many ppl get jobs presently with pure Mechanical and civil engn skills.Even in Anna University many students from these branches went into software companies .I doubt how many would find such software jobs without IT skills once outside Anna university.I sincerely feel there is nothing evergreen about these branches rather they are dying branches(atleast in terms of job oppurtunities).Even the biggest companies ie Industries are having tough time.Very few companies are making profits that too on huge investments(paltry compared to other businesses), and these companies are cutting down the number of employees .And there is a huge number of unemployed mechanical and civil engineering students already waiting for jobs. Even these engineers presently employed get paltry sum compared to other engineers.So Mechanical or Civil would be the last choice.

2. ECE is the best...thats the trend (atleast in Tamilnadu).

I donno who sets these trends.But whoever says ECE is hot should know what is ECE first.Here also the same story most ECE guys are placed in sw companies.Though the Commn and electronics (semiconductor) companies are doing well ..the job requiremnet in their field is very low.And even big companies are not requiring large number of employees.In Anna university(in anna university)(campus recruitment) companies like TCS,Wipro,CTS and Infy dont mind which degree the students are doing .But when it comes to IBM,Oracle,DShaw or Microsoft ...only a computer related degree holds.So many ECE ppl get placed.I recently could quote one of my CEG ECE friend saying "I feel really bad i donno C, and C++and sw skills n im missing out lots of big companies(he had oppurtunity to take CS/IT)".I feel people follow the toppers blindly without finding the actual facts.

3.The IT Bubble may burst in near future.

Yup it may break or burst.But who will b the worst affected??? Take the anna university scenario ...83% of all anna university students placed go into sw companies.That includes most of ECE,EEE or Mech students along with IT and CS guys.
If the market goes down and sw comapnies start picking very less number ie from todays 500 to juz 25, then who wil be selected will it be a highly trained sw student or a mechanical student????
And even during the last IT downfall ..many with engineering degrees in sw ..managed to cling,but only ppl with diplomos or juz basic training were trimmed down.And I heard there are rules which prevent other branch man power going to countries for sw related positions.Irrespective of IT good is the overall engineering scenario? only 5-15% of engineers get jobs within their own fields(Anna university).If no IT comapnies then ....u guess how terrible life wud be......for these students.

Is it CS/IT ? ...Actually as a degree CS is having good name with comapnies...but IT gives advantage and more xposure to the students in getting big jobs(atleast as far as i know of the friends who got placed in Microsoft thru offcampus).
The sylabus of IT is highly advanced...but CSE or reliable.
So make ur choice but anyway job scenario is much better with these degrees(atleast now)........

K J Dinesh,

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Comparison of gmail,yahoo,rediff,hotmail and sancharnet

Rank 5

Microsoft looks bleak.
Well this is one of the first mail service (interface) i started using.. by then the concept wasnt so popular and hotmail was better.
But as the days went on hotmail ...didn improve.And while all other mail service providers are provided airbus for a trip hotmail is
still providing the old cart.
Advantage(s) :

* The only advantage is easy access to host of other servces like MSN messenger , passport.Net etc.

Disadvantages :

- Spam spam spam spam......everywhere, the only mails i get are spams nearly 20 everyday(no use in reporting) .
- Mailbox prehistorically small.2MB??? (nwdays each fwd wud exceed 2MB).
- Dull interface.
- Removal of POP3/SMTP support.

Rank 4
India Shines.

Sancharnet is the national mail service by BSNL. Its improving quite well.Its not exactly a free service.

Advantages :

*Unlimited and free POP3 access.
*Fast email access.
*Service inside the country(increase Indian traffic)

Disadvantages :

-10 MB mail space.
-No extra features(the new interface beta is good)
-Its not totally free , u need a BSNL account. not tested.

Rank 3
The old man is still alive.

Thanks to the thousands of greatful old rediff users rediff is still going.But many feel it is losing the battle with yahoo in terms of commercial use of the site.

Advantages :
* 1 GB mail storage.
* Improved and simple interface.
* Reliable.
* Indian brand.

-The changed interface is slow and is not intuitive.
-No groups/other services.
-No POP access.

Rank 2
Yahoo is bright again and thanks to yahoo groups.
Yahoo is fighting aggressively to keep its competers at bay.The increased Mail space and aggressive redesign and extra features help it.

Advantages :*Yahoo groups is the singlemost reason many use yahoo.
*Yahoo instant messenger increases its usage still.
*Host of other services.
*1GB mail box(is it 2 GB now?).
*New layout.
*Fast and reliable.

Disadvantages :
*No POP access.
*No radical new change in mail delivery.
*Ad based mail service.

And the winner & Rank 1
Google smiles...

The present 1GB space with yahoo,rediff all can b attributed to Gmail.The aggressive new concept in mail delivery, simple standalone client has redefined mail service world over. No ad whatsoever. The best of all u dont have to refresh and see ur mails.ur page automatically refreshes instantly as soon as u receive a mail.

Advantages :
* Cool Interface.
* Unbelievably fast mail delivery.
*Auto refresh on mails.(extremly useful and unique).
*Ever increasing space (today its 2245MB).
*Free POP3/SMTP access.
*reliable and secure.
*allowing . in user names.
*attachment size.
*extra features.

Disadvantages :
-Need to get a invite.
-some old systems struggle.

I may use yahoo messenger, MSN spaces ,My MSN ,Sancharnet POP acces but when it comes to email my choice would be GMAIL(atleast as long as some one beats it)

K J Dinesh

Sunday, May 22, 2005

BSNL GPRS Settings and configurations

Hi all, Well right now im in Vellore ,No broadband here and hence should look for an good option for Internet. BSNL dialup is little costly(inspite of 2nd bfone line i have) for my kind of browsing ie all though out the day.
I saw in the bsnl website about new GPRS and WAP access thru the postpaid connections.So made my mind into checking out how it fares.. the plan i chose is Rs 349/month on an unlimited internte access and free MMS.The activation procedure is quite different from that of Hutch where we can juz call customer service and activate GPRS.Here as usual(with BSNL) is a little complex..go to ur nearest mobile customer care and fill an application form to activate the GPRS.The procedure takes nearly a day to activate.
Then comes the problem... they have given settings for the GPRS access in their website but only to a limited number of handsets. And that too the settings vary for different zones.(the one in website wont work in tamil nadu).
My model is somewhat very different, Windows based Motorola MPX200 smartphone,and when the guy in customer centre saw it he juz wrote it way we dnt know how to configure it. I got the settings and went on searching the web in order to find what are the setings.(MPX200 doesnt have internetconnection mngr s/w and we have to make changes).I was putting in various combinations and after nearly 5 hours (i should say lucky me)one of thecombinations worked. I browsed all websites thru it(in mobile, MPX200 supports html and wml with Pocket IE)... but then the biggest problem to connect the mobile to Laptop for browsing.As i have mentioned there are no sw associated with the mobile to connect it as a modem(though active sync is present it wont manage internet connections ) .. i searched in the web and found the mobile operators in US(cingular and others ) clearly defined the settings..but none to suit our BSNL.. finally had a breakthru after 8 hours i was directed to the GSM documentation which clearly stated the external initialization commands to be given in modem options(in PC).
Once connected internet acces is hassle free(if you have good reception in mobile).It gives a decent speed and coupled with unlimited access(30*24*7) (even in remote areas juz for Rs 349/-) is cheap.The reason for preferance of BSNL over HUTCH or AIRTEL is the presence. Hutch is available only in chennai and a similar plan costs Rs 499/- ,outside chennai no GPRS support.Airtel's package is very restrictive and it doesnt have mobile penetration everywhere.
If you are in a remote area and if ur only option is BSNL dialup (sancharnet) then u can try BSNL/HUTCH GPRS...i have provided settings
APN : bsnlsouth(for TN and southzone) / bsnlwap
IP :
port : 9401 (nokia) and 9201(for motorola) (its not compulsary in all mobiles)
username : ppp
pwd :user123
extra initilization for all models(to be given in modem hardware settings)
APN : portalnmms / www
IP :
port : 9201
username : (blank)
pwd :(blank)
extra initilization
+cgdcont=1,"IP","www" / +cgdcont=1,"IP","portalnmms" (suitable)
If u r using modem sw for ur mobile u dont have to initilize.
Hi if u need help u can always contact me.........

-- K J Dinesh