Thursday, July 14, 2005

Why men are being men ?

The first things I learnt from my father was Darwin's theory ..He was very much concerned that i learn right things in a right way..At a time When most parents would teach how god created men , he used to tell me how men evolved from other animals(that is wen i was juz 3)..And probably that explains why i see things with a little twist and never accept things(sometimes very much irritating to others) without questioning.And I found the following very much amusing..(well i have included some of my own ideas)
Few weeks back i saw this article It goes like this , A team of researchers had conducted an experiment on a group of people who participated in the National spelling bee contests(USA). Spelling Bee contest is for youngsters mostly in their teens(and in another version older men and women are involved) where they are given difficult words and they have to spell them correctly.This is one competition where Indians have been dominating for nearly a decade.
But now to the interesting part ... they have found more guys are winning than girls(most winners are guys even when no. of girls participating in the competition are more r less equivalent of boys) . Every time they chose a random sample of equal number of boys and girls they had similar results ..boys overtook the girls with huge margins. It may come as a surprise considering the fact in most places girls score more than boys in exams. Similar research in other such competitions(maths olympiads,quiz etc) had similar results.

And now my favorite part : The explanation , Darwin way.

They have said though both men and women are equally empowered in their mental ability..the difference comes not from our skills but from Darwin's theory . Humans as a species have evolved into a female dominated(wow i see ppl shouting nooo ..but go on reading) society like most other animals. In our society atleast in theory when left independantly, women get to choose their men rather than other way round.
And moreover perception of better partner also differs .. men prefer physically attractive women and women prefer rich(powerful in terms of skills) men .Right from our early days of evolution had to impress women, women had nothing to do but juz look good. The powerful and rich men got more wives and their genes kept spreading. And their weaker(other men) counterparts eventually were the losers of this biological race. As per Darwin most of our life is all about sustained existance of our genes ,ie genes passing on to the next generation.
As we civilized the difference between weaker and stronger has eventually reduced ,mostly by legislation and by concepts of society.(ie polygamy by rich men is not encouraged anymore). But still a guy who is popular or rich is always the natural choice for most women rather than a ordinary guy.This gives them more opportunities in the gene race. As a result as they have found out most boys spent extra time, extra care and bigger risks in learning more words ..compared to girls. For girls they prefer to watch rather than participate in this ordeal, afterall they are the real judges.This behaviour is prominent as our we grow older ,gals who fare in school quiz lose interest when it comes to college r out in society and so on. And this concept is also extended to men's general behaviour.
Men fight for leadership more often than women, they invent things ,they risk life for fame and popularity, they are made to be aggressive...earlier men would fight to death to regain supremacy, as we have civilized the battlefields have changed and mode of victory nowadays more psychological than physical.

So guys if u want to win so badly, u r heart is fiery and would fight for control...u r in the right path..

And gals if u feel guys are too much aggressive and quarrelsome....well its all bcos of u...

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