Saturday, January 21, 2006

Google vs Bush

Well the fight is on between justice department and google,the justice department wants all the major search engines to provide the search data for every week to them.And the news is that except google everyone has accepted the proposal.Microsoft,Yahoo and others havent made any noise about this, meaning there’s no problem.The justice dept wants this data for a federal suit to prove in the court how easily porn content are available to children.

Though it might look reasonable, but in reality Google fears that the sensitive data it collects once shared will make the users afraid, simply its against its privacy policy.And once people come to know someone is watching and data is shared,people who prefer privacy will look for other options.And moreover the Fed suite for which data is needed is not a new one, everyone knows about how easily porn content is available on net,and the search majors may be asked to provide some survey results about the particular subject.Afterall the search majors are the biggest software companies and best in business. Well Bush will agree to this only if thats what their primary intention about the sensitive data. Already therPublishe is a talk about US control over internet and once US tries to take over the net we can expect more 9/11 in the cyberworld…….

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