Saturday, January 21, 2006

ntel inside Apple outside !!

The Big transition of the Apple has happened, Now Apple iMac has intel under its hood.Steve Jobs pointed that the new iMacs are twice as fater than their immediate predecessors, but detractors point to the fact that the benchmark tests dont work in reality.
But then I always wondered if the Mac's G5 processors are really good then why didn't the G5's become as popular as the Intel's or AMD's.If the G5 was good steve would have introduced it to the market and tried to compete against the Intel.But now the reason for going Intel is obvious, rather than wasting a feature packed PC like the Mac by using a slower processor, get the best one in the market.And moreover we can never expect the G5 to match up with the improvements introduced by the processor specific companies, and as the days go the gap between mainstream processors with the apple version wud only increase..So probably now is better than never.
Well now the processor side imac has been unbundled, lets wait to see if a similar transition in software side wud occur.........Till then probably I will wait to have a Mac.

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