Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Microsoft still the best..??

Well Even I have said about so many things about how Google is developing to be a biggie..But some industry analysts chuck away saying we’ll see how well Google matches with Biggies like Microsoft and Yahoo.

Their theory is not far fetched one rather they juz smoke out the facts.Google is showing attrocious growth and the stock’s value in NASDAQ is shooting up even people expect it to reach 2000$ (???) thats real Faaaaar fetched atleast for now.

One fact about Google’s income was missed by many,most of its current burgeoning account is from Google’s Adsense program or rather from the google ads you find in every nook and corner of the internet.Analysts feel that unlike Microsoft or Yahoo the regular software and web giants,Google has a long way to go.Google has been successful with Search service and all its products are also very popular juz because of the search service.But its revenues are from very much the unsung segements like ads and sponsors.Google has very few to show in terms of profits from its products. And though Google leads in search business by along way Microsoft(33% in email) and Yahoo(31% in email) are still the best No1 and 2 terms of email and chat services(yahoo 1 and MS 2) whereas Gmail accounts for juz 8%.Google is all about innovation but after sometime everyone will like to have a share of your innovation.Just the way it happened to Apple and Sony.If Google doesnt learn to play the game like Microsoft ..the bubble may break much sooner….

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