Tuesday, January 24, 2006

'Intel. Leap ahead' and Gone are days of Pentium.

In one of the most stunning overhaul of this decade intel did a big remake to boost up its image.Everyone who is familiar with the int’e’l the lowered e Logo might see something new.The most popular “Intel Inside” has also been dumped.Replaced by a progressive “Leap ahead” and a tagline which goes like “praise in public and criticise in private????”(i got the meaning apt, but some words may differ) But the never b4 heard old one was still funny.I will try to remember it next time.

CEO Paul Ottellini and the marketing Directors new announcement was a big surprise to the topline managers in the hall.Virtually Ottellini has signalled the end to the Barret’s old Intel.Intel started primarily as a semiconductor devices manufacturer, specialized into a computer microprocessor manufacturer.Now Intel takes a big new step divesting itself into Mobile and all consumer electronics chip maker.It is cool to know that we may have a Nokia with intel, with Intel experience in the microprocessor industry we can certainly expect the Mobile devices performance increasing by notches and a whole new level of competition .

With the new move the days of pentium is also over now only it is either DUO(dual core processors) and Solo(single core processors). And now intel is betting on its new innovation of Viiv which will give a real TV life experience and integration in your PC..virtually everyone of us will be having those video processors only the big TV companies own now…

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