Sunday, May 21, 2006

See these IITians and Doctors in Lok Paritran !!

Someone was mailing me that youngsters are not considering caste !!The following article is dedicated to those believers!!

RajaMani : (Former Treasurer,Lok parithran)

I was earning lakhs as an engineer in Dubai.When I heard about these people starting the Lok paritran, I resigned my job and joined Lok Paritran. They gave me the treasurer post for Tamil Nadu. I contested in Anna Nagar(Chennai) and got 11665 votes.(Most votes for Lok Parithran in Tamil Nadu) and I was happy that I came third and believed we had a future.

After election on 14th (May 2006) someone called and informed me that I was removed from the treasurer post.When asked why I was informed that it was an order from Raj Prohit(National head of party ). Nextday when I asked why I was removed I was asked a prompt question..”Are you from that caste(guess what??) ?” .I was shocked and promptly submitted my resignation.

Izhandhirumaran : (Former President ,Lok parithran(in TN))

Izhandhirumaran who was working in US as a software engineer for a big salary, resigned and came down to India to work for the party. He was appointed the president and contested from Chepauk against DMK chief.On the first day after the election during a meeting Sandhana Gopal(canditate from Mylapore) stood up and announced that he was the new party president(of TN). Very Next day Aravind seshadri announced that he was the new party president of TN.Frustrated by this politics Izhandhirumaran resigned from the party.

Sri Ishrayil Maheshwar: (candidate in Thousand Lights)

His story is a funny one..The party high command mistook that he was from tht caste and asked him to contest in Thousand lights. When he asked for support, he was given a cool reply.. Well you are made to contest because if you are attacked/killed it might give the party some sympathy.

And a major complaint from these and others who resigned is .how the funds from NRI’s and people was swindled. The party hasnt even opened a bank account to maintain accounts. And worse the party has rules that the individuals have to put in their money to contest elections.Above three candidates used their money..whereas Mylapore candidate(frm tht caste) was sponsored by party cool naa..

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We are politicians now !! -IITians party Lok paritran

From the very first day..when Lok paritran was launched there has been rumours about how this party is biased communally and also many questioned its wishdom of primarily attacking and contesting DMK and supporting AIADMK.At every possible occasion I just couldnt imagine how people fall prey for such kind of parties, everytime the forwards were sent I mostly askd the person who sent the forward to me about the party, to see whats their opinion.Now Im really happy the truth has come out.
Five of its TN state assembly contestants have come out of party hitting hard at the biased leadership over money and posts. When the politicians become intelligent theu can swindle money at a better way, thats what probably the IIT influence can bring on this party.But alas they couldnt share it properly it seems.Petty fight over president candidate and also about who gets the fame etc is ripping this party apart.
Our youth thinks of ayudha ezhuthu and more dynamic ones of Yuva.. and think these people will save them. It reflects on their pathetic condition.Anyway this yuva is an utter flop .. and guess what now a Lok paritran 2 is on its wings�
Watch this column for updates
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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Zero day attack...

According to eWeek, there is a critical flaw in Microsoft Word that is being leveraged successfully to compromise fully patched Windows systems. The issue is designated as a zero-day attack because individuals responsible for the security incident are taking advantage of a flaw that was previously unknown.

Victims, it is reported, receive an e-mail that appears legitimate with an enclosed Word document. Once opened, the Word document launches a Trojan-like program that opens a back door into the affected system. Also troubling is the fact that neither the corrupt attachment nor the malware that it executes are currently being detected by anti-virus products. For all intents and purposes, attackers can gain full control of a compromised system using the method described in the article.

As there is currently no patch for the vulnerability being exploited, the recommended course of action for both home and corporate users is to be vigilant and reject any unexpected e-mail messages with Word attachment, even if they appear to come from legitimate sources.

It seems Microsoft is working on this and may release a patch on 13 jun 2006.But Antivirus vendors may introduce new updates much sooner.

Torrents calling..Do you have 'the net' with you !

icrosoft windows vista , MS Office 7 , Windows 64 Bit version, MS Encarta 2006 , AOE 3, Norton Systemworks 2006, Norton Antivirus 2006.. to name a few all these softwares are available for ur download, in the free world. The bittorrent world is going from strength to strength, whichever software or movie you want is all fors you to take just need to search google and pick the right torrent. The bittorrent clients include Azereus, Bit comet and mu torrent and many more. Just search the web for any of these clients and you are ready to go..

Then search and pickup the right torrent and get going.. Since nobody is storing these files in their servers rather it is users who share and download at the same time..Nothing much the big boys could do to stop the torrents.

Friday, May 12, 2006

How to use a bit torrent?

The P2P or Peer to peer network is growing in stature.Having its humble openings 2 years back using few clients it now boasts of almost 90% of piracy through internet. And worse for the software/movie companies this technology is not illegal. And it is very difficult to make any particular person accountable for the piracy.The P2P networks thrive on users who are willing to share..When a user has a movie/sw he creates a torrent file using popular clients such as Azureus(magnet link)/Bit Comet etc. And he may advertise this torrent to the web. If a person in need of the movie/software obtai ns this he opens with the client and the transfer takes place.If somebody downloads and shares the download even after downloading he’s said to be seeding.The more number of willing seeders the particular torrent will become popular.If someone pretty much downloads the software alone he’s called as a Leecher.Near every torrent number of downloads/peers/seeders/leechers will be given.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

PC to Laptop to PC

There are so many nice things about a Laptop, but in this fast changing Gizmo world it is a good way to get stuck with old hardware.No oppurtunity to upgrade, well atleast at a much higher cost comparable to the value of Laptop itself. And the architeture of Laptop itself provides lots of limitations..More battery backup menas less power consumption by Processors that means you are foregoing speed for battery backup.
If you are buying a Laptop today within six months , the Laptop goes outdated and a brand new technology occupies Laptop market.If you feel irresistable and try getting extra hardware and try to improve your configuration......Man you will never go any further. Adding more components will make ur Laptop look more like a mini desktop..The harddisk size never goes beyond a certain limit in Laptops and neither the Clock speeds. And moreover after a year or so your laptop's resale value plunges....
But one thing about Laptop is when you r travelling it is ur best companion.. For me Chennai-Ranipet-Trivandrum-Kolkata-Chennai it served its purpose very well...But now its time to rethink on the use, I dont want to have a 2 yr old hardware juz in name of mobility.
Well I need a faster 64 bit processor..quarter of a Terabyte of Space , heavy RAM.. 6 channel speakers....n on n which Laptop gives all these features??(sub 1 lakh) ..So here Iam back with traditional computing..back to PC and for a change this time its AMD 64 .
Goodbye to my Compaq...Nw it is in bangalore with another one of those who feel a Laptop is much better than a PC.

IBM + SONY + TOSHIBA = ?? Cell

Well a decade ago the processor market was a virtual monopoly of the Intel corporation, But AMD’s persistance has cut intel’s margins sharply. And now its widely accepted that AMD’s dual cores are way ahead of Intel’s.

But away from all these IBM with SONY and Toshiba, is waiting for a debut in the big processor league. If whatever is promised is really achieved we could have a super computer inside an IBM branded processor (‘Cell’). Running with eight cores, the prototype chip is 221 mm2, integrates 234 million transistors, and is fabricated with 90 nm SOI technology. It promises to clock at 4GHZ. Clock speed is not big deal anymore..after AMD’s slower clocking processors consistantly beat their higher clocking Intel counterparts.So we cant compare Intel’s 4GHZ processor with the IBM’s “Cell” which could provide 10 times the processing power of any modern processors.

And not just the processor, but a new memory system XDR which supports datarates upto 8GHZ, and FlexIO processor buses (formerly Redwood) are capable of running up to 6.4 GHz data rates providing a claimed bandwidth that is more than four times faster than best-of-class processor buses available today.

The ‘Cell’ is expected to debut in Sony’s playstation, followed by TV’s and then to mainstream PC market..So lets get ready for bigger things!!