Sunday, May 14, 2006

Torrents calling..Do you have 'the net' with you !

icrosoft windows vista , MS Office 7 , Windows 64 Bit version, MS Encarta 2006 , AOE 3, Norton Systemworks 2006, Norton Antivirus 2006.. to name a few all these softwares are available for ur download, in the free world. The bittorrent world is going from strength to strength, whichever software or movie you want is all fors you to take just need to search google and pick the right torrent. The bittorrent clients include Azereus, Bit comet and mu torrent and many more. Just search the web for any of these clients and you are ready to go..

Then search and pickup the right torrent and get going.. Since nobody is storing these files in their servers rather it is users who share and download at the same time..Nothing much the big boys could do to stop the torrents.

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