Sunday, May 21, 2006

See these IITians and Doctors in Lok Paritran !!

Someone was mailing me that youngsters are not considering caste !!The following article is dedicated to those believers!!

RajaMani : (Former Treasurer,Lok parithran)

I was earning lakhs as an engineer in Dubai.When I heard about these people starting the Lok paritran, I resigned my job and joined Lok Paritran. They gave me the treasurer post for Tamil Nadu. I contested in Anna Nagar(Chennai) and got 11665 votes.(Most votes for Lok Parithran in Tamil Nadu) and I was happy that I came third and believed we had a future.

After election on 14th (May 2006) someone called and informed me that I was removed from the treasurer post.When asked why I was informed that it was an order from Raj Prohit(National head of party ). Nextday when I asked why I was removed I was asked a prompt question..”Are you from that caste(guess what??) ?” .I was shocked and promptly submitted my resignation.

Izhandhirumaran : (Former President ,Lok parithran(in TN))

Izhandhirumaran who was working in US as a software engineer for a big salary, resigned and came down to India to work for the party. He was appointed the president and contested from Chepauk against DMK chief.On the first day after the election during a meeting Sandhana Gopal(canditate from Mylapore) stood up and announced that he was the new party president(of TN). Very Next day Aravind seshadri announced that he was the new party president of TN.Frustrated by this politics Izhandhirumaran resigned from the party.

Sri Ishrayil Maheshwar: (candidate in Thousand Lights)

His story is a funny one..The party high command mistook that he was from tht caste and asked him to contest in Thousand lights. When he asked for support, he was given a cool reply.. Well you are made to contest because if you are attacked/killed it might give the party some sympathy.

And a major complaint from these and others who resigned is .how the funds from NRI’s and people was swindled. The party hasnt even opened a bank account to maintain accounts. And worse the party has rules that the individuals have to put in their money to contest elections.Above three candidates used their money..whereas Mylapore candidate(frm tht caste) was sponsored by party cool naa..

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