Friday, May 12, 2006

How to use a bit torrent?

The P2P or Peer to peer network is growing in stature.Having its humble openings 2 years back using few clients it now boasts of almost 90% of piracy through internet. And worse for the software/movie companies this technology is not illegal. And it is very difficult to make any particular person accountable for the piracy.The P2P networks thrive on users who are willing to share..When a user has a movie/sw he creates a torrent file using popular clients such as Azureus(magnet link)/Bit Comet etc. And he may advertise this torrent to the web. If a person in need of the movie/software obtai ns this he opens with the client and the transfer takes place.If somebody downloads and shares the download even after downloading he’s said to be seeding.The more number of willing seeders the particular torrent will become popular.If someone pretty much downloads the software alone he’s called as a Leecher.Near every torrent number of downloads/peers/seeders/leechers will be given.

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