Tuesday, May 16, 2006

We are politicians now !! -IITians party Lok paritran

From the very first day..when Lok paritran was launched there has been rumours about how this party is biased communally and also many questioned its wishdom of primarily attacking and contesting DMK and supporting AIADMK.At every possible occasion I just couldnt imagine how people fall prey for such kind of parties, everytime the forwards were sent I mostly askd the person who sent the forward to me about the party, to see whats their opinion.Now Im really happy the truth has come out.
Five of its TN state assembly contestants have come out of party hitting hard at the biased leadership over money and posts. When the politicians become intelligent theu can swindle money at a better way, thats what probably the IIT influence can bring on this party.But alas they couldnt share it properly it seems.Petty fight over president candidate and also about who gets the fame etc is ripping this party apart.
Our youth thinks of ayudha ezhuthu and more dynamic ones of Yuva.. and think these people will save them. It reflects on their pathetic condition.Anyway this yuva is an utter flop .. and guess what now a Lok paritran 2 is on its wings�
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