Wednesday, May 3, 2006

PC to Laptop to PC

There are so many nice things about a Laptop, but in this fast changing Gizmo world it is a good way to get stuck with old hardware.No oppurtunity to upgrade, well atleast at a much higher cost comparable to the value of Laptop itself. And the architeture of Laptop itself provides lots of limitations..More battery backup menas less power consumption by Processors that means you are foregoing speed for battery backup.
If you are buying a Laptop today within six months , the Laptop goes outdated and a brand new technology occupies Laptop market.If you feel irresistable and try getting extra hardware and try to improve your configuration......Man you will never go any further. Adding more components will make ur Laptop look more like a mini desktop..The harddisk size never goes beyond a certain limit in Laptops and neither the Clock speeds. And moreover after a year or so your laptop's resale value plunges....
But one thing about Laptop is when you r travelling it is ur best companion.. For me Chennai-Ranipet-Trivandrum-Kolkata-Chennai it served its purpose very well...But now its time to rethink on the use, I dont want to have a 2 yr old hardware juz in name of mobility.
Well I need a faster 64 bit processor..quarter of a Terabyte of Space , heavy RAM.. 6 channel speakers....n on n which Laptop gives all these features??(sub 1 lakh) ..So here Iam back with traditional computing..back to PC and for a change this time its AMD 64 .
Goodbye to my Compaq...Nw it is in bangalore with another one of those who feel a Laptop is much better than a PC.

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