Sunday, June 11, 2006

Microsoft's WGA(windows genuine advantage program) has raised more than a few eyebrows.When I first came across this news I was literally shocked that this issue hasnt gained needed attention.When Google is suing Microsoft over its MSN search default why no such antitrust suite has been filed against Microsoft bemuses me..

Ok let me explain what the real problem is , Microsofts Genuine advantage program which requires you to install an activex to verify ur Windows installation(to find pirated versions), calls back home (fancy word the online community coined for this issue) ie ur windows contacts Microsoft server everytime you start your machine.Though Microsoft says it collects no personal info, what shocks many is that this practice of microsoft has come out only after a year(since july 2005), until now no antispyware softwares or companies could detect this beahavior and Microsoft hasnt given an option for opting out of this problem.Only after a popular techie's blog exposing this issue Microsoft issued an statement in this regard.Microsoft gives a funny reason that in case if their validation tool fails and starts giving false positives, this approach will help them to shutdown the WGA program..

Now after much controversy Microsoft says that their sw wont call home everytime you rebot , well now only once in 14 days.. my question is if I have validated my software once what is the need for verifying after that??


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