Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Whats with US? Things I din like abt this place..

In many ways than one my perspective about US changed after coming here.... Anyway the one affected me are my concern :) (yup im selfish).

Bring your mobile from India if u r coming for the first time.No mobile is NOT FREE nor its cheap here. And the mobiles operators provide here almost all are failures in India(leave the odd iphone). If u dnt have credit history then u r doomed.. it will take 1 yr for somebody new to US to build one. :(

People here get stunned and look at you very oddly if u buy a mobile for 20k Rs(ppl here know only Motorazr seems this is the costliest for em.. atleast for indians) but then they don mind a hair cut for 30$(im plannin to return to India with long hair :) ).

Will come back with more of this... to b contd

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