Wednesday, December 27, 2006

How to download latest Tamil movies ?

The movies are now available with sites which are giving torrents instead of storing the movie in their server.Torrents use one of the most popular file sharing protocol namely Bit torrent. The movie available with any individual who has a bit torrent software will share it and he will create a torrent file which will be *.tor (where * is the name of the movie or anything you want).
He will share this file in common place say and lets call him seeder. And others download this file from the common place and open it with their Bit Torrent softwares like Azureus, Bit Torrent,Bit Lord,U Torrent etc and lets call these people leechers. Once a leecher starts downloading the movie the leecher also starts sharing the movie simultaneously, so other leechers start downloading from him. And every one will download and upload so the download speed increases.
If everyone shares or seeds the file after completing his download many people can download. Here the share ratio is important, it is the ratio of Data uploaded to Data downloaded. Once your sharing ratio comes below a certain level you may be blocked to download future movies. So please seed after downloading.

Latest movies available for download include Veyil, Dhanushin Thiruvilaiyadal,Chennai kadhal,Idhu kadhal seyyum paruvame etc.Old hit movies like Ghajini,Chandramukhi,Vattaaram,sillunu oru kadhal etc are also available

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