Monday, December 25, 2006

BSNL GPRS NOKIA 3230 and all smartphone settings

Hi guys once again im back this time with settings for Nokia 3230 and all smartphones with BSNL GPRS.. Thanks to all the friends who encouraged me for my MPX200 settings.

This time I really had bad experience with one Nokia Care centre in Chennai..they suggested me using Hutch in TamilNadu(how knowledgeable????).

They said on the problem.. the BSNL doesn't support new handsets and have to configure for Nokia in server??????(I cud only laugh..afterall we r sw engnrs rt?)

This time I had to get into quarrel with Nokia officials for their negligience in updating their international website with BSNL-SOUTH settings(yup u can get all BSNL settings from Nokia Website).The settings given their thru smart msgs are not updated ones and hence wont work with ur phone(any smartphone).I have spoken with both BSNL and Nokia officials(they have assured me)..and I hope all the settings I give here will be updated soon in BSNL and Nokia sites…

Nokia 3230(my mobile):

This is a smartphone.So whats the difference ?? it is similar to ur Windows / Linux computers.It runs on Symbian 7.0So how will the settings given for other models work with these….they r jus mobile phone settings how will ur smart!!! Phones work with them??

Now :

Settings given by BSNL website :(wont work)


APN : bsnlwap

Primary DNS :

Port : 9401

Security : Normal

Username : ppp

Password : ppp123

Leave other spaces blank

My settings(will work)


APN : bsnlsouth

Security : Normal

Username : ppp

Password : ppp123

Leave all fields blank including DNS and port

For all smartphones and PDAs

Replace bsnlwap with bsnlsouth everywhere.

Leave the DNS and port as automatic

MPX 200 users


APN : bsnlsouth(for TN and southzone)

IP : (optional)

Port : 9201(for motorola) (its not compulsary in all mobiles)

username : ppp

pwd :user123

extra initilization for all models(to be given in modem hardware settings)



APN : portalnmms / www

IP :

port : 9201

username : (blank)

pwd :(blank)

extra initilization

+cgdcont=1,"IP","www" / +cgdcont=1,"IP","portalnmms" (suitable)

If u r using modem sw for ur mobile u dont have to initilize.

Hi if u need u can always contact me.........

Recent update :(2007)

Airtel Mobile Office (Rs 375/month)

Accesspoint : Mobile Office



User : NA


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